Two Player Export

Using the export for two players!

  • player_id: is the variable that is used for getting the player info.
  • player_2_id: this will be the server id of the second player to get their info.

player_2_id will be a server variable that is the server id of the second player
Keep in mind these might also change depending on the framework

Example: (/mention [PlayerID])

RegisterCommand("mention", function(source, args, rawCommand)
    TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, "Mention | " .. GetPlayerName(args[1]), { 201, 201, 201 })
        EmbedMessage = "Mention | " .. GetPlayerName(args[1]),
        player_id = source,
        player_2_id = args[1],
        channel = "mention",
        screenshot = false

EmbedMessage: This will be the /mention message in this case
player_id: In this use it will be source
player_2_id: Since there is one player we have removed it
channel: This will be linked to the webhook in the config.
screenshot: This can be true if you want the embed to include a screenshot.