Global Ban Sync


Want to keep your discord clean the same way as your server?
You can now sync Global bans with your discord!
Our goal is to not only keep your server clean of hackers but also your discord!


Want to know is someone is on the global ban list?
You can use the /check command to see if they are banned!
You can use the command with any identifier with or without prefix!
The bot will find the ban linked to the identifier if there is one and give you the ban reason.

You can use discord:1234567891234567891
But you can also use 1234567891234567891


/Sync: Run a sync on your server to match all bans with the global ban list.
/bypass: Allow a discord id to bypass the global bans. (This will prevent them from being banned)
/check: Check if the given identifier is global banned.
/invite: Get an invite to get the bot in another discord!
/ping: Ping the bot to see if it’s online.


Click the button below to invite the bot.
If you have any questions you can make a ticket on our discord and we will be happy to help!