title = "SUCCESS",
    message = "You have been paid <span style='color:#47cf73'>$500</span>.",
    time = 5000,
    icon = "fas fa-credit-card",
    color = "#47CF73",
    target = PLAYER_ID
  • title: This is the title you want the notification to have.
    • You can even use variables in it as long as they contain a value.
  • message: This is the message you want to show.
  • time: This will be the time the notification will be shown
    • This is in miliseconds.
  • icon: This is a fontawe some icon https://fontawesome.com/v6.0/icons?m=free
  • color: This is a hexadecimal color.
  • target: This will be the server id of the player you want to send the notification to.

You can add a target server id both client and server side. Even if the client is not the target.